About Kool Runnings Transport, LLC

You can entrust your most precious and delicate possessions with Kool Runnings Transport, LLC. Our mission is to provide secure and reliable transport of your most valued belongings, whether those include an antebellum vase, a prized painting, a priceless sculpture, or a stock car from the NASCAR circuit. We package, ship, and deliver with care and precision to make sure your valuables are safe.

We specialize in transporting vehicles, art, medical equipment, antiques, and an array of other items for artists, dealers, private collectors, auction houses, museums, galleries, and more. If you have items not included in that list, simply communicate your needs to us. We’ll do our best to accommodate your items on our weekly route between Miami and New York City. You really can trust us to provide secure and reliable transport of your belongings.

Kool Runnings Transport LLC was established in 2017, with the goal of providing high-end, specialty shipping services to individuals and companies from Miami to New York. Since then, our service area has grown to also include a route to Texas. We have shipped an incredible array of paintings, sculptures, and other artwork for galleries and museums, for dealers and collectors.

We’ve transported antiques and one-of-kind items. We’ve safely delivered items as small as a Rolex watch, and as large as a race car. We would love to transport your family heirloom, your art collection, or your entire household.